Sunday, 29 October 2017

I love my Life

I love living in my care home!  Life in a care home often suffers from a bad image.
However, I find just the opposite. Given the rubbish cards I have been dealt, I believe that my quality of life here is as good (or maybe even better?) than if I was able bodied.

I am very fortunate to have one of a very limited number of self-contained flats within the unit. I have a main room with kitchen, a bathroom and a small separate bedroom, where my kids can come and stay with me at weekends. Thanks to this, I have been able to maintain a close relationship with my kids over the past few years, while they grow into adulthood. I appreciate this all the more, since due to my condition, I became unable to live at home with them any longer.

My main room includes a little kitchen

Here, I have the independence and privacy I want, whilst having constant access to the care that I need. Carers visit me throughout the day at set times. Should I need help at other times of the day or night, I feel secure in the knowledge that help is only 5 minutes away, if I ring my call be

I love my little flat! It is flooded with natural light, benefiting from 3 windows. The  view from the windows is of trees in the garden below. I have been lounge given license to decorate and furnish the flat as I wish. Here, I have been able to create as homely an environment as possible, so that my kids feel comfortable and relaxed whilst visiting me. They feel as though they are visiting me in my own home, rather than a care home.

View from one of my lounge windows 

All the staff are friendly, caring and professional. Some of them have become valued friends, even after leaving the company. The staff interact with my kids in a relaxed and friendly manner - several of the carers, they know by name.

In fact, everyone I have met at this care home, no matter where they fit into the food chain, is approachable, friendly and supportive. No matter how busy their schedule, everyone has a ready smile, and makes you feel that you are important, and that they care.

I have excellent access to transport, and I am well supported in getting to medical appointments, or just out for a shopping trip.

There is a full program of activities available. So far I have been on some memorable  excursions, including Woburn Safari Park and Sealife in Birmingham. We are going 10 pin bowling later this month. Trips in planning, include Buckingham Palace and Harry Potter World.

I petted an elephant at Woburn Safari Park

18 months ago, the care home helped me to realise a dream: to design and build a small garden. I was allocated a small plot within the communal garden, and given license to develop as I wished. Gardening is my passion.. I designed a Mediterranean-style garden in miniature, and PJ Care staff built and planted it for me. Due to my condition, I am unable to tolerate hot sun for more than a few minutes. Now I have A delightful outdoor space in which to sit comfortability in my wheelchair in the shade, and socialise with family and friends. It is my pride and joy!  Also, an achievement I can feel proud of it.

My little garden and patio



 I really enjoy my meals. The food here is excellent! A special menu has been designed for me, tailored to my dietary needs and taste.

A summer lunch, Shared with a friend on my  patio

So life in care can be  varied, fun and full of love and laughter. Overall, I love my life here!

October 2017
Henrietta Whitsun-Jones

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