Sunday, 15 February 2015

Happy Anniversary!

2015 will be a big year for a anniversaries. 

The wonderful annual art exhibition is almost upon us, and this year it celebrates its glorious 10 year anniversary.  From humble beginnings it has grown and developed from year to year and has now blossomed into the wonderful celebration of creativity that it is. 
As well as much needed funds it generates an enormous amount of goodwill towards the Centre. Each year I look forward to attending with family and friends, glowing with pride. 

I realised, with somewhat of a shock, that 2015 also marks my 10th anniversary of membership of the Centre. It would be hard to be put into words just what the Centre has meant to me over that period of my membership. But I am going to try. To summarise the Centre is somewhere I feel both warmly welcomed and accepted for who I am, that is, Henny who has MS.  

Here, it's okay to be me. 

2015 also sees the Centre's 30 year anniversary, truly a cause for celebration and a good reason to bring out the bunting.  What on earth did local people with MS do before that?  It hardly bears thinking about.  You will have noticed the special 30th anniversary logo that is about.  Look out for other opportunities to celebrate later on this year. 

So I may not be any wiser but I am certainly another year older. I suppose I will have to settle for that. 

February 2015

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  1. So true Henny - the centre has done so much for many of us. We look forward to the annual art exhibition with great pride xx